Agropole online event op 15 december 2020

15.12.2020, 15 h t/m 17 h Agropole online event, Hydrogen production and usage in the agribusiness

Together with four speakers from Germany and the Netherlands, we want to look at the current status quo
regarding the technologies of producing and using green hydrogen made from sustainable sources of
Join the online meeting to learn more about advantages, obstacles and opportunities of hydrogen. After
each presentation, there will be the opportunity to clarify comprehension questions. When all speakers have
given their presentation, a broader discussion will allow the participants to ask further questions or share
own views and ideas for additional opportunities of hydrogen production and usage within the agribusiness.
Tuesday, December 15, 2020
15:00 h – 17:00 h
15:00 h Welcome & opening
15:10 h Dr. Frank Koch, EnergieAgentur NRW
What role does hydrogen play for our future energy industry? What advantages,
opportunities and risks are linked to hydrogen?
15:30 h Maximilian Schleupen, RWTH Aachen
What role can biogas play in the supply of hydrogen?
15:50 h Manfred Limbrunner, Proton Motor
What are the different types of fuel cells and how can the agribusiness sector potentially gain
from using hydrogen?
16:10 h Marcel Vogelsangs, MV Energietechniek
What about the Netherlands and their infrastructure for the production and usage of
hydrogen? What are the opportunities for hydrogen in agribusiness, on the Dutch and on the
German side? Short movie: “First green hydrogen production in the Netherlands”.
16:30 h Discussion
17:00 h Closing remarks
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