Agropole online event op 3 december 2020

3.12.2020, 15.30 -17.00, Agropole on line event, Biocircular economy in the Euregion 

Agropole, CLIB and LIOF are organizing the 2nd online event on Biocircular Economy in the
Euregion. A biocircular economy focusses on the use of raw materials and other materials in a
way that prevents the creation of waste. Raw materials and products form a closed cycle and
are used and reused optimally. With the aid of new technology, residual flows are processed to
create unique, valuable raw materials, semi-finished and finished goods.
Thursday, December 3, 2020
15:30h – 17:00h
Time Scheme
15:30h Start of the event
15:45h Welcome & opening
Brightlands, CLIB, LIOF
15:45h Hans-Jürgen von Donop, VAPORA
“Sh*t to money (S2M): From agricultural slurry and digestate to LNG, methanol and
16:15h Best practises company examples
Grassa and PaperWise
16:35h Pitches biocircular projects in the Euregion
16:45h Discussion (between presenters and audience)
17:00h End of the event
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